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St. Pushpa Senior Secondary School

[ Affiliated to the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations, New Delhi. ]


The Academic Year of the school is from April to March. Admission taken in February to May.  Admission is taken in class LKG. Admission in the other classes depends on the availability of seats. Prospectus and Application Form will be available from the school office during the office hours by paying registration fee.  The registration fee is not refundable. However one can download the application form and prospectus from school website and submit the filled in application form to school office along with registration fee.

Here by the following forms required for Registration & Admission 


The complete view of school prospectus is downloadable for your reference


Please download the following form and submit the filled in form in school office along with registration fee.


 This form is not for Registration but for Admission(after selection). Please download  and fill-in only when you are selected and set to join.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers regarding school Admissions

What is Registration ?

Registration is a token process of submitting parents wish &  interest in taking admission for a child by revealing the details of child name, address and the class  for which admission is sought. The Management of school takes a final decision by going through the details given in the registration form. If needed, child and parents may be interviewed before admission.

Requirement for Registration ?

I. Applicatioin Form – must be completely filled

II. Age proof – Birth Certificate

 Attested copy of the Date of Birth Certificate from the competent authority.

III. Passport size photograph

 passport size photo should be affixed on the application form

IV. Baptism Certificate if a child is christian. – optional

Baptism certificate from the church

What is the minimum age required for Admission ?

The minimum age required for admission to various classes is given below. Age shall be calculated on 1st of April of the year of Admission
Class Minimum Age (On 31st March)
LKG 3.6 years
UKG 4.6 years
I 5.6 years
II 6.6 years
III 7.6 years
IV 8.6 years
V 9.6 years
VI 10.6 years
VII 11.6 years
VIII 12.6 years
IX 13.6 years

How do we know the selection of child in school?

The names of the children selected for admission will be published on the school Notice Board on the date given.

Admission of the selected children will be taken on the assigned days. Those who fail to respond shall forfeit their chance.

The first instalment of the fees shall be paid in the school office at the time of admission.

Medical Fitness Certificate of child must be submitted at the time of admission.


It is to know about a child and his/her smartness as well as weakness before admission so as to give enough attention in the class room as per the ability of child. 

The child must be accompanied by the PARENTS for INTERVIEW. It is the duty of administration to  know about the parents and their availability in helping the child at home.

What all asked in the INTERVIEW ?

The child seeking admission must  be able to

– recognize and recite English alphabet

– recognize and recite Hindi alphabet

– recognize and count numbers from 1 to 50.

– recognize colours, flowers, animals, birds and  fruits

– recite few rhymes.

– More than above the child must respond smartly and intelligently for every question